The death of the old healthcare magazine? A public challenge


What if healthcare coverage sizzled like this?

With all due respect to the talented people who work (and have worked) at Modern Healthcare magazine, I’m here to kick it in the butt, not praise it.

Now, I have to admit that there’s a reason nobody’s put MH to sleep yet; in short, it’s probably a very successful business.  If nothing else, as an industry figurehead,  it’s deeply entrenched with the “I’m so geriatric I’ve forgotten the names of my colleagues” set.

After all, any new ideas the aforementioned reporters cleverly slip into their stories are buried in an avalanche of dull corporate-speak, and sadly, there’s usually an audience for mind-numbing jargon. I think maybe the corporate-speak makes the pointy-haired bosses feel all important and meaningful.

But tell me, folks, have you ever read a Modern Healthcare story and said “wow!” or “hmmmm” or even “I’m mildly amused”?   Do you ever change your plans based on something you’ve read in this insipid journal of record?  Or do you skim the half-baked parts (again, baked by editors when all is said and done, so don’t blame my editorial colleagues) and just drop your copy of the darned thing?

I say it’s time for a new healthcare industry publication, one which goes FAR beyond this humble blog.  I want to see an industry magazine/Webzine/podcast/TV show/you name it which covers healthcare the way it is — as one of the most critical industries in the world with a hornet’s nest of issues to address.  I want to see color, life, snark, attitude, vigor, curiousity and most of all, passion.

I say we can build such a service for our industry.  In fact, I’m immodest enough to say that *I* and a team of stalwarts can build such a resource, one which would transform healthcare to some modest degree just by existing.  I’m talking Wired and Fast Company and Forbes and Modern Healthcare’s good bits mixed into the insider smarts of the New York Times Deal Book and Heard on the Street.  Yup, you heard me — we’re talking about a paradigm changer.    And if you’re wondering why this editor thinks she can pull such a big idea off I say, with apologies for the obviousness, “Why not?”

So, are you going to help me?  Do you want to have a voice in changing how healthcare looks at itself?  I know for sure I can’t do it alone, and I doubt anybody could.   I need money, yes — details on request — but as much as anything I need people to decide that our current way of covering healthcare just doesn’t cut it.

If you’re with me, let’s go for it.  Call 571-484-4056 or write to me at I’m ready to move if you are.


4 responses to “The death of the old healthcare magazine? A public challenge

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  2. As a concerned Seasoned Observer (old) I have had comments and letters to the editor of the leading healthcare magazines push aside meaningful input which may offend their industry advertisers and/or question the wisdom of their “objective” selections of the important shakers and movers in the industry. Selection of those who have failed in their duty to a trusting public is particularly offensive. Even more disturbing is the practice of identifying healthcare sites which purport to be the “best of this and that” based on selective variables which may or may not be reliable.

  3. Health Choices

    I like your thought process.

  4. The Nerdy Nurse

    The dryness of medical information does not encourage many to have a desire to read. It would be nice to find a place with factual information was presented in an entertaining and caltivating manner.

    Although I think youll have difficulty securing financing for such a project, since the general consesus is that medicine is factual and the is no room for humor and entertainment.
    However, in our personal helthcare blogs we can be as colorful or entertaining as we would like and perhaps hope for sponsorship?
    Keep us updated.

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